We offer nature's finest Fruits and Vegetables for your benefit. AT NAANFIELDS Reach Us We meet all standards and customer expectations. AT NAANFIELDS Reach Us We offer Fruits and Vegetables grown under the tropical climate of Ghana AT NAANFIELDS Reach Us Quality and food safety
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NAANfields Ltd is a registered Agro-based Ghanaian company producing fruits and vegetables. NAANfields has expertise in the production of fruits especially pineapples, passion fruits amongst others, vegetables such bell papers of various colours and all varieties of chili peppers such scotch bonnet and coconuts.

Our Produce




MD2 outperforms other pineapple cultivars in a variety of ways. Amongst them are a consistent golden yellow colour, a sweeter taste…


Queen Victoria   pineapples grow well in hot, humid climates. The flavor of these delicious pineapples is intense and deep…


From this group of cultivars, it is the most important cultivar. It’s a popular canned and fresh fruit variety…


This has a cylindrical shape and fruit weights ranging from 1 kg to 1.6 kg, with the majority of weights approximately 1.1 kg…

Why Choose NAANFields

  • NAANfields has been exporting pineapples since 2013 and can deliver high-quality produce to any part of the world.
  • Complies with all Food Safety requirements in the production and handling of our produce
  • There exist a robust and effective traceability and food safety management system that assures the buyer or the consumer of quality and the ability to act on complaints with precision
  • Ability to deliver consistent and constant minimum volume at the expected quality and quantity
  • We have a dedicated department for export initiatives, and we have a group of highly motivated, skilled, dedicated, and experienced staff who oversee fulfilling such objectives.
  • Reflecting our commitment to social practices we ensure workers’ rights and improved the working conditions of on-farm permanent employees, seasonal workers, piece-rate workers, and day labourers.
  • We have a decent on-site living quarter, communication, health checks are for our workers
  • We subscribe to social sustainability principles: living wages and prosperity; health and safety; human rights and labour conditions; inclusivity (gender and women’s empowerment; youth and indigenous’ opportunities)
  • Our skilled staff can organize our supply chain in line with international best practices and standards.
  • Our staff are trained to be professional, reliable, open, and honest in their communications and dealings with our buyers/clients, there is a dedicated customer service team assigned who can communicate with all buyers with respect and courtesy
  • NAANfields subscribe to economic sustainability principles: entrepreneurship and resilience; quality control and food safety; value-adding & sharing; fair pricing; traceability and transparency use)
  • NAANfields is a GlobalG.A. P certified farm with GlobalG.A. P Number: 4059883455199 Verification of GlobalG.A. P certification can be done at https://database.globalgap.org/search
  • We are marching towards greater heights to emerge as a leading company producing high-quality fruits and vegetables from the field to Fork

We offer very healthy Fruits and Vegetables

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